Data Analysis Environments

Data Analysis Environments

 The Universe Viewer

DataWalk enables you to view data in multiple environments, starting with the Universe Viewer, which provides a highly aggregated “bird’s eye view” visualizing all of your data in the system and enabling advanced filtering for easy drill-down. The Universe Viewer enables simplified data discovery via ad-hoc browsing in an inherent 360 degree view.


On the Universe Viewer, you can instantly do basic profiling, analysis, and filtering of data via histograms. Simply select the columns of data you wish to profile, and with a couple clicks see distributions and outliers in your data.

Drill Down Charts Of Any Data Elements

DataWalk provides highly flexible drill-down charts that can be easily structured as desired. This enables instant interactive analysis for challenges such as segmenting a population, or analyzing alerts in order to tune the alerting system.


For any data with either a geocode or a street address, DataWalk lets you see corresponding locations on a map. Flows analysis and time series analysis can also be done on maps.

Network Graphs (Link Charts)

Unlike traditional data structures built around rows and columns, network graphs (link charts) enable you to understand both the data, and the relationships between data elements. This powerful approach enables levels of insight and analysis that are not practical with traditional analytic environments.

Time Series Analysis

With DataWalk you can easily see not only data and relationships, but also how data and relationships change over time. This is enabled via time series analysis, where you can easily specify a time period of interest and see on a link chart how data and relationships evolve.

Flows Analysis

DataWalk provides a simple, powerful capability to intuitively view flows, such as for example the direction and quantity of money flows through a network of people or organizations, or the flows of material between entities in a supply chain.