DataWalk enables easy, instant segmentation of debtors, without requiring knowledge of either R or SQL.

Easily, Instantly Segment Debtors

It is critical for debt collections teams – whether in a bank, a loan company, or a debt collection agency - to effectively segment their debtors. DataWalk enables segmentations to be easily created in minutes via a simple visual interface, without requiring knowledge of either R or SQL. Segmentations can then be easily updated as debtor behavior changes.

Increase Efficiency Of Collections

DataWalk helps optimize the process of debt recovery for each segment, identifying the best methods for reaching debtors, best phone number to use, and best time of day to call. Further, DataWalk can help identify connections between various debtors, corporations, and other entities.

Detect Fraud

The financial service industry is exposed to frauds. DataWalk, by providing the ability to identify and analyze both direct and indirect connections, enables you to efficiently identify various fraud conditions such as multiple people using the same phone number or the same address, or identifying individuals being used by criminals for fraudulent loans.

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