Make Better, Faster Decisions Using ALL Your Data

I’m impressed with the delivery time and the quality of results – over 21% of the indicated loss instances after verification
by experts proved a fraudulent potential. In this project, we intended to test DataWalk technology in practice and the test
was successful. Moreover, we can see the potential of the DataWalk platform also in other areas.

Piotr Bachurzewski, Fraud Prevention Officer in ERGO Hestia, OSTC

Implementation of the DataWalk platform moved our business to a completely new level. Thanks to complex analysis of customer
behavior, we were able to increase our efficiency and raise profit from each campaign by an average 7.5%.

Michał Kalinowski, CTO

With PiLab we were able to effectively model an extremely complex business process and visualize
connections between different components of complex banking products.
PiLab holds the promise of enabling us to complex analysis of our products and optimize the creation of new offer.

Ewa Zaleska / Dorota Brzoza / Piotr Wyrzykowski Department of Strategy and IT Architecture, BZ WBK (Santander Group)